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Viewing and printing DXF files
Why the possibility to view and print DXF files?

May be you want to print a DXF plan downloaded by the archive of Profili 2 or after creating a DXF file may be you need to retouch it using QCad, but this application doesn't include the tiling option when printing (the splitting of a big sheet in many printing pages of little format). Now you can do it using IsiPlot.
Here is a list of some of the included functions :
  • Viewing and printing of DXF files
  • You can define the printing scale, scale to full page and manage the measurement unit of the DXF.
  • You can tile a big format sheet in many little printing pages, according to the format of your printer. Useful if you don't own a big plotter.
  • Fanfold continuous printing management.
  • True vectorial printing, not a simple DXF rasterizer as usually happens with low cost applications. You can have high precision printing with Profili Professional.
  • Layer selection for viewing and printing
  • Background color, lines color and thickness setting
  • Export from DXF to high resolution raster files (version 1.1)

You can find here some screeshots:

Here is a DXF file just opened in IsiPlot.

....here after forcing the lines color to Black

... and here an example of how you can work in a little area without losing precision

Before printing you can see the tiling grid on screen, showing how the sheet will be sliptted in many printing pages according to the selected printing format.

... and here if the Print Preview!

Write to info@profili2.com or to st.duranti@alice.it for more info.

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