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Cam cutting wizard for Wing panels
(Pro version only)

The new cutting Wizard included in Profili Pro, you can create the files for a 3 axis milling in a very simple way

A great improvement in CNC file cutting creation for Wing panels ribs and templates

Since version 2.28 of Profili Pro a new wizard to create a Cam project for wing panels components (ribs and templates) has been added to Profili Pro. In this way to manage the creation of CNC cutting files (GCode) is simpler and more customizable.

Older versions used a different way to manage cutting file creation. In the latest panel of the Wing panel wizard you were prompted to specify a sheet format where ribs and templates should be placed. Then you were able to rearrange them with the Preview function.

Since version 2.28 a new wizard to generate cutting files as a Cam project has been added.
The old functions are still included for backward compatibility, but they are labeled as 'obsolete' in the application.

Now the workflow is: the wizard creates one or more Cam projects, and they will be automatically opened by the new application devProf.

Here is a brief list of the advantages of the new wizard based approach:

  • You can select a range of elements to print or export (ribs and nose checking templates)
  • Automatic creation of a Cam file compatible with devCad Cam Pro and devProf
  • You can have in depth customization of the Cam file, you can now move, rotate, scale, mirror, make copy-paste of elements from a Cad document to another, modify the cutting order, the milling and engraving tool, move/delete/arrange bridges and so on...
  • You can adjust size, font, placement of every text label associated with the parts, and you can optionally select to engrave the text with a different engraving tool
  • You can modify the sheet format of the Cam project, without modifying the wing panel itself.
  • Every created Cam project is a true .dc2 file (the Cam file format managed by devCad Cam Pro), so you can open them again using devProf or devCad Cam Pro to modify the Cam project or create/simualte the job them..
  • Automatical displacement and arrangement of the parts in the sheet (nesting). You can also customize the nesting parameters, and then if you like you can rearrange manually the parts using devProf.
  • You can specify how many copies you want of the parts (for example double copy for left and right ribs)
  • DevProf, a new Cad tool supplied together Profili, can now manage in a simple way the Cam projects created by Profili Pro itself. DevProf is compatible with devCad Cam Pro and offers some functions of devCad Cam Pro itself, but in this way you don't need a devCad Cam Pro license to manage a Cam project. All the functions to modify the job, create the cutting files and preview the job by a 3D simulator are included in devProf
  • A preview of the milling job is included by a 3D simulation process

To start the new Wizard:

  • click the ' Panels - Wing panels management' main menu, the Wing panels management dialog window will start
  • select the wing panel you are going to cut
  • click the ' 3 axys CNC/New: Wizard to create a 3 axys CNC project for Ribs/Templates/Nose templates' menu item 

Now the Wizard will start. It includes 4 panels:

  1. Items selection: you can select here the parts you are going to cut
  2. Material size and properties: You must specify here the material size, the origin of the job coordinates and other properties referred to the Cam project
  3. Cutting properties: You must specify here some settings of the CNC job
  4. Preview and nesting settings:here you can check the preview of the cam project(s) and modify the nesting setting

Once you finished the Wizard, the devProf application will start. DevProf take advantage of the devCad team technologies to manage, modify and manage Cam projects.
In this way the Cam projects just created are compatbile not only with devProf, but also with devCad Cam Pro, since release 1.09.
Please take a look at the Help of devProf to have more info about the functions supplied by this new application.

Here is an in depth view of the workflow involved by the new Wizard:

Click the ' Panels - Wing panels management' main menu item, the Wing panels management dialog will start (see the picture).
Select the Wing panel you are going to print or export, then click the menu as in the picture below:


The Cutting wizard will start. The goal of the Wizard is to specify and create Cam project(s), with all the requested parts (ribs and templates) included and ready to cut.
Here is a brief description of the 4 Wizard panels:

Items selection:

You can select here the parts you are going to cut

Depending on the type of wing panel, only some of the options will be available.

You can specify how many copies you want of the parts (for example double copy for left and right ribs).

Material size and properties

Here you must specify the material size and setting for the Cam project(s).

You can also specify some spacing parameters for the parts, force to rotate them, and the text labels to add. You can then select to engrave these text labels, in next wizard panel.

Cutting properties

Here you will specify the cutting/engraving jobs.

  • Cutting tool selection
  • Engraving tool selection (optional, to engrave text labels) 
  • Rapid movement parameters
  • Bridge generation and settings. The bridges are little part of material left uncutted, to avoid the parts go away during the milling job.

  • Preview and nesting settings

    Here you can check the preview of the cad document(s) and modify the label placement and nesting setting.

  • Press 'Create/update cutting sheets preview' to create the preview picture, or to update it if you modified something. Using the scroll list you can select the Cam project to preview, if multiples.
  • Pressing 'Nesting settings' you have access to the 'Nesting settings' dialog, where you can customize the way you want the parts displaced in the sheet. You must then press one more time the 'Create/update cutting sheets preview' button to preview the new settings.
  • Pressing 'Adjust graphically Labels position' you have access to the 'Adjust the Labels position or remove some of them' dialog, where you can adjust the placement of the labels or remove some of them

  • Once you finished the Wizard, the devProf application will start, with a Cam project loaded for each created sheet. See the picture:


    DevProf is a simplified Cad/Cam application including some functions to modify a Cad document. You can think it as a simplified version of devCad.
    The license of devProf is linked to Profili XT and Profili Pro.
    If you are running a licensed version of Profili XT, the Cad functions of devProf will be available.
    If you are running a licensed version of Profili Pro, the Cam functions of devProf will be available, as well.
    In this way you don't need a license of devCad to manage the Cad documents created by Profili.
    Using the 'Toolpaths - Save Toolpaths in Machining code' you can now create the milling file, selecting the right posprocessor file. Using the 'Toolpaths - Simulate Toolpaths' you can now start a 3D application to simulate the milling job, see the picture:



    Write to info@profili2.com or to st.duranti@alice.it for more info.

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