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Viewing and printing Raster files
Why the possibility to view and print RASTER files?

Some plans are supplied only in raster format, so there is a big problem for the user who want print them in real size.
IsiPlot offers a new function to semplify this task: you can view them, then calibrate and print to the desired size, using tiling if required.

Here is an example of the way you can do this using IsiPlot:

You can here the raster file opened using 'File - Open raster file' function

As first you must calibrate the file.

Simply press the 'Caliber raster' toolbar button, then the vertices of a segment whose length is known.....

... then input the real length of the segment and it unit.


Now if you enable the Grid you can see how the file will be tiled during printing....

You can also take measurements by clicking a point with the mouse and moving it onver the second point

... and here if the Print Preview!

You can also select to view-print only a defined area of the raster:

Select the desired area by using the 'Area' toolbar button.....

...and here is its printing preview!

Write to info@profili2.com or to st.duranti@alice.it for more info.

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