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The history of Profili, Profili XT and Profili Pro !

Profili is the father of new applications, but it's still alive.

You can see here the content of this Home page since 1997:
Profili is a software developed to help the 'do it yourself' modelers.

This new version can assist you in:

  • Searching for the right airfoil for your application
  • Creating new airfoils
  • Analyzing the airfoil aerodynamic
  • Drawing, plotting or printing all the ribs for a trapezoidal or elliptical wing or the foam cutting templates
  • Cutting file generation for ribs and templates with a 3 Axes CNC milling machine
  • Cutting file generation for foam wing panels with a 4 Axes CNC hot wire machine
  • STL file generation for wing panels mold
  • and much more! 
During last years aeromodelling building techniques changed a lot, and almost every day my customers ask me new features, no more compatible with an old project born on 1995.

The better a modeler could own during those years was a computer with a printer, but now new interesting building techniques are available, like 3 axes Cnc milling machines to cut parts and create plug and molds, 4 axes Cnc hot wire foam cutting machines and 3D printers.
So I developed a new series of applications, much more powerful and easy to use, but often overlapping some basic features already included in Profili.
Actually Profili is still a good choice for this users:
  • Modelers, Companies and Universities looking for analysis, management and improvement of airfoils. Profili Pro is a great and easy to use tool to do that, using the famous XFoil application developed by Mark Drela as an hidden calculation engine. A lot of companies and universities research team use every day Profili Pro.

If you are looking for features to draw and cut ribbed or foam wings using a Cnc machine, or to create wing plug or molds, we suggest the new applications of the 'devCad team' series.
You can find in the web site www.devcad.com these and other applications to create also fuselages and other parts.
You can find here below a product table that can help you to find in a short time the applications you need:

  Wings Fuselages Other parts...
devWing LE
devFus devCad LE
devCad Pro
Cad + Cam
-3 axes milling Cnc
devWing Cam devFus Cam devCad Cam Pro
-Foam cutting by a 4 axes hot wire CNC
devWing Foam
devCnc Foam
devFus Foam
devCnc Foam
devFoam Pro
devCnc Foam
-Creation of plugs and molds as STL files
devWing Mold devFus Mold devStl Tools

You can also see bundle offers of more licenses here.

See also the new Forum for Profili and other applications of the devCad Team. The subscription is free.

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